Gilberto Tofano

  • Gilberto Tofano – Matzor aka siege (1969)

    1961-1970ArthouseDramaGilberto TofanoIsrael


    The issue of War widow representation in Israeli cinema is one of the most complex for the local industry for it seems to be unique and with a very local and specific iconography.
    The war Widow is a difficult character to digest. Because this is an especially painful topic in Israel, its mode of representation is almost always problematic.
    Gila Almagor in Tofano’s “siege” is one of the first characters of the “modern” war widows to appear on Israeli cinema screens.
    The human and social complexity of the status of widows was not represented adequately and personally until her complex and fine appearance in this film.
    It was mostly Preceded by cliches of heroic women who have sacrificed for the nation with characters to which it was very difficult to get attached, nor to their personal grief.Read More »

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