Gillies MacKinnon

  • Gillies MacKinnon – Small Faces (1996)

    Gillies MacKinnon1991-2000CrimeDramaUnited Kingdom
    Small Faces (1996)
    Small Faces (1996)

    Life in the tough end of Glasgow in the late 1960s is delightfully and sometimes painfully presented here. This is clearly a work of well-observed autobiography by the Mackinnon family – Billy the writer/producer and Gillies the director.

    At the centre of the film is the Maclean family – widowed mother with sons Bobby (none too bright), Alan (budding artist in spite of being brought up in the tough end of Govan) and narrator Lex, only 13 and still not sure what life is all about. Iain Robertson’s performance as Lex is so good that it is barely credible that he has not reappeared in anything more worthy of his acting talent.Read More »

  • Gillies MacKinnon – Hideous Kinky (1998)

    1991-2000DramaGillies MacKinnonUnited Kingdom

    Hideous Kinky is the story of two sisters (seven and five years old) traveling with their hippie mother from London to Morocco in the late 60’s. They encounter many adventures, new experiences, and interesting culture as tag along on their mother’s search for freedom and love. It is told through the eyes of the youngest girl, and we learn her observations on life, Mum, and determined sister, Bea.Read More »

  • Gillies MacKinnon – Trojan Eddie (1996)

    1991-2000ComedyDramaGillies MacKinnonIreland

    Eddie, a small town ex-con, discovers he has talent for selling anything and everything. Eddie sees a way to rise above the low life by setting up on his own. What he didn’t bargain for, was the murder and mayhem along the way.Read More »

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