Giorgio Capitani

  • Giorgio Capitani – Odio le bionde AKA Je hais les blondes (1980)

    1971-1980ComedyGiorgio CapitaniItaly

    Synopsis :
    Emilio travaille comme nègre pour Donald, un romancier célèbre en panne d’inspiration. Las de cette situation, il décide de quitter l’artiste et de de publier ses poèmes. Lors d’une réception, les deux hommes se retrouvent et la vérité éclate…

    Writer of detective novels that are selling well, Emilio Serrantoni not figure as an author: shy and insecure, has agreed to publish with the signing of another Donald Ross, which are the most fame and money. Avid player, but he regularly loses. After a particularly heavy defeat, Donald urgent need of a new work by Emilio, who is called ‘I hate blondes’ which tells of a robbery at a house whose alarm systems are identical to that del’editore Brown. For a number of misunderstandings real thieves think Emilio is their inside guy.Read More »

  • Giorgio Capitani – Ognuno per sé AKA The Ruthless Four (1968)

    1961-1970CultEuro WesternsGiorgio CapitaniItalyWestern

    Sam Cooper (Heflin) finds gold and then is double-crossed by his partner. He survives and calls on the only person he can trust, Manolo (Hilton), who is soon joined by Brent (Kinski), who has a strong hold over him. Sam is warned that something is wrong with the young man and his friend, so he asks an old acquaintance, Mason (Roland), to join the group. But their preparations for the journey to retrieve the gold have attracted the attention of the vermin hanging about in the prospecting town.Read More »

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