Giuseppe Patroni Griffi

  • Giuseppe Patroni Griffi – Divina creatura AKA The Divine Nymph (1975)

    The sentimental battle that two men, Dany and Michele, who are fighting to conquer the heart of Manuela, a beautiful and alluring woman who has become the only person who gives meaning to the lives of both men. They are part of the same lineage and must play their cards properly with the intention of falling in love with the girl. Even so, she goes out of her way to downplay the issue every time people ask about her two suitors.Read More »

  • Giuseppe Patroni Griffi – La gabbia AKA The Trap (1985)

    A woman becomes obsessed with a man she can’t have, and carries the torch for more than 15 years.

    ‘An international co-production with dialogue in both Italian and English, this erotic thriller from writer Lucio Fulci and director Giuseppe Patroni-Griffi stars Tony Musante as Michael Parker, a successful American businessman living in Italy with his girlfriend. When she leaves on vacation, Michael is soon involved in a torrid, passionate affair with Marie (Laura Antonelli), a woman with whom he once enjoyed a one-night stand. This time, however, Marie is not about to let Michael off the romantic hook so easily, exacting horrific revenge on her lover. Further complicating Michael’s love life is Jacqueline, Marie’s nubile preteen daughter, whose attraction for Michael pits mother and daughter against each other in an incestuous love triangle.’
    – Karl Williams (Rovi)Read More »

  • Giuseppe Patroni Griffi – Il mare AKA The Sea (1962)

    An actor arrives to Naples. Tourist season has not yet begun. Capri is desert and the sky is really grey. He’s waiting for a woman who won’t come. In the meanwhile he’s having a strange relationship with a young alcoholic man who even tries to kill him; he’s getting bored, with no ideals, strong and weak at the same time. The two men are having a strange friendship, or they try it at least, until a woman comes to the isle. “In this movie words are used in a way different from usual. When they talked to each other, the three leading actors were talking about ordinary things, not about their relationship. They never talked about their feelings. The story was shady, as it’s filled with missed attractions and hidden feelings. Actors were expressing themselves with moves, gestures and their contribution was fundamental for that. Only good actors could do that.Read More »

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