Godfrey Grayson

  • Godfrey Grayson – The Pursuers (1961)

    1961-1970CrimeGodfrey GraysonMysteryUSA

    imdb says:
    A group of former concentration camp prisoners has formed an underground network to hunt Nazi leaders, who are still on the loose. At a secret meeting in Paris they discuss what to do with the former Auschwitz commandant Karl Brochmann, who since 12 years lives in London under the false identity of Karl Luther. They decide to take the law in their own hands, and send their member David to London. He starts his commission by scaring Luther, to see his reactions. Luther is already nervous, because the newspapers are writing about the capture of Eichmann. When he finds out that somebody has broken into his apartment and painted a swastika on his mirror, he gets terrified. He empties his bank account, packs a bag with all his cash and runs away, followed by David. He stumbles into a night club, where the criminal owner soon finds out that Luther is an expedient target for extortion. The singer Jenny feels pity for him, and offers him to hide in her apartment. It turns out that she is a Jew and was a prisoner in Auschwitz as a child. Pursued not only by the Nazi hunters but also the gangsters, Luther makes a last attempt to flee the country.Read More »

  • Godfrey Grayson – Innocent Meeting (1959)

    1951-1960CrimeDramaGodfrey GraysonUnited Kingdom


    PLOT: ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi

    A troubled teen discovers that reform isn’t always easy in this drama. The lad is on probation for robbery when he falls in love with a wealthy young girl.

    Wanting to help him out, she gets him a job in her father’s textile mill. Things are swell there until her father is unable to find his wallet. Due to the boy’s dubious recent past, he is naturally the first suspect. Afraid that no one will believe him innocent, the boy takes off. In desperate need of quick cash, he robs a store. Eventually the police catch up to him, but by this time the wallet has been found and the boy’s gal convinces him to go face his crime and go straight for good.
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