Goran Rusinovic

  • Goran Rusinovic – Buick Riviera (2009)

    2001-2010CroatiaDramaGoran Rusinovic

    The story of Buick Riviera is told through fates of two men, both Bosnian (ex Yugoslavian) emigrants, belonging to the two different religious groups that fought for the city of Sarajevo during the War. One fateful night, these two emigrants meet on a deserted road in the middle of America, with some unexplainable force bringing them together and the next 24 hours they spend together, mentally sabotaging each other and trying to figure out who is guilty of what, they change their lives forever without proving anything, just like the war itself.Read More »

  • Goran Rusinovic – Mondo Bobo (1997)

    1991-2000CrimeCroatiaDramaGoran Rusinovic

    A young man is forced to shoot a few thugs in self defence. Following the advice of his lawyer, he surrenders to the police and ends up in a mental institution. From there he escapes but his path soon becomes littered with corpses.Read More »

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