Grigoriy Aleksandrov

  • Grigoriy Aleksandrov – Vesyolye rebyata AKA Jolly Fellows (1934)

    Grigoriy Aleksandrov1931-1940ComedyMusicalUSSR

    Yelena (Mariya Strelkova), a well-off would-be singer who can’t carry a tune, mistakes shepherd Kostya Potekhin (Leonid Utyosov) for a famous Italian conductor of a jazz orchestra and invites him to an elegant party held in her house. He plays his pan flute, which attracts the herd of animals from his kolkhoz to the dining tables. Yelena’s servant Anyuta (Lyubov Orlova) falls for Kostya. But Kostya is attracted to Yelena, and when she turns him down following the discovery of his real identity, he is very upset. He leaves for the city to try himself as a professional musician and finds himself in many comical situations. Eventually he joins a jazz band consisting of young “jolly fellows”. Read More »

  • Grigoriy Aleksandrov – Vesna AKA Spring (1947)

    1941-1950ComedyGrigoriy AleksandrovMusicalUSSR

    A drab woman scientist, working on machine to harness solar energy, and a pert concert singer look-alike being courted to play her in a movie swap identities and find personal growth, professional success, love, and happiness.Read More »

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