• Mohamed Camara – Dakan (1997)

    1991-2000DramaGuineaMohamed CamaraQueer Cinema(s)Romance

    Over turning given assumptions about gay identity with it’s 1st world connotations as well as our less informed view of the sub-Saharan African context, this gentle, humble film depicts the less often if ever portrayed life of gay love in rural Africa.

    This film’s relevance & point of interest is that it remains perhaps the only example of it’s kind to provide images which counteract notions of homophobia & the non existence of homosexuality in the realm of ‘blackness’, ‘Africa’ and the developing world & provides an accessible & familiar story of the dilemmas of love specifically within all three contexts usually understood to exclude gay representation.Read More »

  • David Achkar – Allah Tantou AKA God’s Will (1992)

    1991-2000David AchkarDocumentaryGuinea

    ‘Allah Tantou’ is the first African film to confront the immense personal and political costs of the continent’s widespread human rights abuses. Director David Achkar has described the origins of his film: “Every year Amnesty International publishes a list of countries where human rights are ignored, including the estimated number of those unjustly imprisoned and executed in each. My father was one of those who died anonymously. In 1986, by a strange twist of fate, an envelope containing letters written by my father in prison was brought to me. Years later, still trying to make my first film, I watched some home movies my father had shot and then opened that envelope for the first time.Read More »

  • Gahité Fofana – Un matin bonne heure AKA Early in the Morning (2006)

    2001-2010ArthouseDramaGahité FofanaGuinea

    Two Guinean kids do not manage to find work despite their inventiveness and creativity. That’s why they decide to travel to Europe as aircraft stowaways. Soberly told but moving indictment, based on true events.

    Early in the Morning is a moving indictment and sober and atmospheric narrative that does not mythologise. It is based on a true story. The convincing tone of the film may well result from the background of Gahité Fofana, who had previously made documentaries about AIDS in Africa and about a gang member condemned to death. Fofana: ‘Yaguine and Fodé want to study, combat misery, deny fate. Read More »

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