Gunvor Nelson

Gunvor Nelson – Moons Pool (1973)

The explicit body politics in Gunvor Nelson’s popular Take Off is developed further in her highly personal Moons Pool. The film begins with shots of naked bodies in a bath and transgresses into depicting male and female bodies swimming naked underwater. The latter part of the film is almost totally liberated from speech, and has a dreamlike, complex soundtrack consisting of sounds of waves, voices, water and music woven together into a seamless web of sounds. (John Sundholm) Read More »

Gunvor Nelson – Kirsa Nicholina (1969)

Kirsa Nicholina records the birth of a child at home by the Lamaze method. The father assists in the birth, while a physician guides him. At the moment of birth, the mother reaches down and grasps the hand of the emerging child and guides it out of her body and into her arms. Read More »

Gunvor Nelson – Light years (1986)

LIGHT YEARS is a collage film and a journey through the Swedish landscape, traversing stellar distances in units of 5878 trillion miles. It is a film acutely in the present reflecting our temporal existence … continuous and imperfect.

“LIGHT YEARS continues to develop the concerns and techniques begun in her earlier film FRAME LINE. In LIGHT YEARS Nelson blends collage animation with highly textured live-action material to create a haunting evocation of her displacement from her native Swedish culture. Particularly striking is her use of wet ink on glass to create a constantly shifting image of a path leading to a house. With these passages of the house and moving images of the Swedish landscape as threads, LIGHT YEARS becomes a tapestry of change as experienced through constant motion. It is a personal reflection on the filmmaker’s memories of her past. Read More »