Gustaf Molander

Gustaf Molander – Mälarpirater AKA Pirates of Lake Malaren (1923)

Three boys escape their strict stepparents, steal a sailboat and have adventures on Lake Mälaren northeast of Stockholm. This successful version of Sigfrid Siwertz’s popular young peoples’ novel, which was also adapted for the screen several times in the sound film era, is a pleasant summer film with convincing actors that feels fresh even today. The film copy, restored by the Swedish Film Institute, initially shows slight nitrate deterioration but otherwise features beautiful picture quality and original intertitles. Read More »

Gustaf Molander – Parisiskor AKA Women of Paris (1928)


A house in Paris happens to have two families living there with the same last name. In one apartment lives opera singer Gambetta Duval with his two daughters, Jeanne and Nita. In the second apartment lives old lady Duval with her grandchild Philippa and an her lodger, the physician Leon Monnier. Jeanne is secretly in love with Dr. Monnier who is secretly in love with Nita, who is secretly having an affair with the great playwright Armand de Marny. Read More »