Gustav Ucicky

  • Gustav Ucicky – Das Mädchen Johanna AKA Joan The Maid (1935)

    Gustav Ucicky1931-1940DramaEpicGermany
    Das Mädchen Johanna (1935)
    Das Mädchen Johanna (1935)

    France in the 15th Century: The country is marked by the wars with England and internal power struggles. King Charles sees himself powerless against the state. Suddenly a young woman named Johanna emerges from the people, who claims that the Archangel Gabriel appointed her to save France. First the king doubts her words, but he sees that the people, through her are gaining new courage.Read More »

  • Gustav Ucicky – Flüchtlinge AKA Refugees (1933)

    1931-1940DramaGermanyGustav UcickyThird Reich Cinema


    Propaganda film detailing the plight of ethnic Germans, known as “Volga Germans”, in the Soviet province of Manchuria.Read More »

  • Gustav Ucicky – Café Elektric (1927)

    1921-1930AustriaGustav UcickySilent

    Silvia Breuss wrote:
    It is one of those hidden big-city asylums where light-shy existences meet. Many paths lead into the demimonde of Café Elektric, but only a few lead out again. Women looking for the buyers of their bodies in the glow of the street lamps find their way in, as do night owls and all kinds of sinister figures. Truth meets deception here, drive meets dreams and feelings, possession and money meet dependence. Gustav Ucicky’s atmospherically dense “film of manners”, still captivating today in its direct and unsentimental portrayal of the Viennese milieu, with the young Willi Forst and Marlene Dietrich in her first leading role, was intended to show “how easy it is in our time to stray from the right path”. The signpost for three great careers.Read More »

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