Gustavo Fontán

  • Gustavo Fontán – El rostro AKA The Face (2013)

    2011-2020ArgentinaDocumentaryGustavo Fontán

    The new work by the gifted Gustavo Fontán (El árbol, La madre, La casa) concerns a man sailing alone on the Parana River. That is until he reaches an island and shares some time with his father, a woman, and some kids. And nature itself, the lead character in all its blossoming. Shot in Super 8, 16 mm, and video, El rostro is a beautifully refined, melancholic sensorial experience that successfully defies the boundaries of narrative cinema; a poetic meditation on moods, longings and absences.Read More »

  • Gustavo Fontán – La orilla que se abisma (2008)

    2001-2010ArgentinaArthouseDocumentaryGustavo Fontán

    The movie is a documentary about the argetine poet Juan Laurentino Ortiz, known as “Juan L” or “Juanele”. It’s a story about a travel trought the Paraná river (Entre Ríos, Argentina), where the nature acting (water, birds, air, rain, trees, sun, etc). The film have parts of documentary about Juan L. Ortiz, and can hear his voice talking a reciting a poem. La orilla que se abisma is poetry made image.Read More »

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