Guy Lefranc

  • Guy Lefranc – Une Histoire d’Amour AKA Young Love (1951)

    Drama1951-1960FranceGuy Lefranc

    Caherine, 18, loved Jean, a young accountant, who loved her in return. And yet, one morning, two policemen find their dead bodies on a stretch of waste ground. The case is obvious: the two young people have killed themselves. But why? Chief Inspector Ernest Plonche, feeling upset, decides to investigate personally…Read More »

  • Guy Lefranc – Knock (1951)

    1951-1960ClassicsComedyFranceGuy Lefranc

    Saint-Maurice, an ordinary peaceful village, lived healthily so much so that the local doctor’s practice was scant. But that was before Dr. Parpalaid retired and was replaced by a charlatan by the name of Knock. A real genius this one, for he soon managed to persuade everyone that they were ill. And not only didn’t they resent him but they even loved their physician, who made a fortune and brought prosperity to the village by turning it into a big hospital.Read More »

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