Hadas Ben Aroya

Hadas Ben Aroya – Anashim Shehem Lo Ani AKA People That Are Not Me (2016)

Joy can’t let go of her ex, but doesn’t seem to be able to fall for the new guy. In the meantime she keeps having casual sex with strangers. Read More »

Hadas Ben Aroya – Mishehu Yohav Mishehu AKA All Eyes Off Me (2021)

Danny is pregnant by Max but she doesn’t get around to telling him at a party. Meanwhile, Max is busy trying out his girlfriend Avishag’s sexual fantasies with her. She wants him to hit her when they have sex. Avishag takes her bruises over to Dror, whose dog she sits. A familiarity develops between the older man and the young woman that neither of them expected. Read More »