Halit Refig

  • Halit Refig – Hanim AKA Madame (1988)

    Halit Refig1981-1990DramaTurkey
    Hanim AKA Madame (1988)
    Hanim AKA Madame (1988)

    Halit Refig’s film “The Lady” can be conceived as a thoroughly nostalgic film; the yearning for the city of Istanbul in old times was expressed in every part of the film. At first glance, the film was based on the story of a lonely old woman looking for a place for her cat before dying; yet, beyond this, within the structure of the film there existed a changing, disappearing, and even collapsing Istanbul and in parallel relation to the degenerating social connections in the city. In other words, the film reflected the degrading of the spatial characteristics of Istanbul and, human relations thereof. While Mrs. Olcay with an old residence on the shore house full of old furniture was the symbol of the old Istanbul, her helpless search for a safe place for her cat, on the other hand, revealed the new face of Istanbul with dehumanizing conditions of city life. Read More »

  • Halit Refig – Teyzem AKA My Aunt (1987)

    1981-1990DramaHalit RefigTurkey

    (warning: you may not want to read this review before watching film.)
    If I am not mistaken, the scenario of this film is based upon an award winning story from Cumhuriyet,a prestigious paper in Turkey.Teyzem( My maternal aunt) is a very sentimental and successfully- managed story of relation between a young aunt in Istanbul and her nephew coming to the city to visit her and his grandparents.The aunt and her nephew, Baris,manage to construct a sound and secret friendship and alliance amongst each others during summer holiday and arrange visits to the former’s boyfriend who is a handsome guitarist in a local band. Noone in the family is aware of these secret visits.In the film, the audience is given opportunity to observe daily life of an Istanbul family making his way through a very moderate economic resources.For grandparents, nothing could be more important than their daughter’s eventual marriage with a decent man.Read More »

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