Han Hsiang Li

Han Hsiang Li – Chou wen AKA Scandal (1974)

Director Li Han-hsiang teams up again with the irreverent comedic talents of Michael Hui Kwun-man in this tongue-in-cheek drama. Corruption is rife in Wan Ping County in Hopei Province. Two good-for-nothing loafers Chen Ming (Michael Hui Kwun-man) and Chia Liang (Wang Sheng) arrive and turn the officials on their head. After a bout of blackmailing, they end up in positions of power themselves. It’s all done with the best intentions, or so they believe. Read More »

Han Hsiang Li – Hou men AKA Rear Entrance (1960)

The Tsui’s live a happily married middle-class life on a quiet residential street in Hong Kong. He is a writer, she works at a kindergarten. There is only one thing missing from their life – children. Across the street lives a young girl who spends all day playing on the street, alone… Read More »

Han Hsiang Li – Jin yu liang yuan hong lou meng AKA The Dream of the Red Chamber (1977)

Li Han-Hsiang’s adaptation of the classic Qing Dynasty novel will take viewers to the heightened pleasures of love and the despairing depths of betrayal. Timeless beauty Brigitte Lin Ching-hsia appears as Chia Pao-yu in her first attempt at a gender-bending role, an art she will wield complete mastery over in later films. Pao-yu is in love with his cousin, Lin Tai-yu (Sylvia Chang), but his family has other marital plans for him that will leave both broken-hearted. Read More »

Han Hsiang Li – Qing guo qing cheng AKA The Empress Dowager (1975)

This dragon lady of the Ching Dynasty was the power behind the throne for 50 years, and hew vast tapestry of palace intrigues is vividly brought to the screen in this memorable epic. Read More »