Hans Richter

  • Hans Richter – Die neue Wohnung AKA The New Apartment (1930)

    This film was made by Hans Richter for the first Basel habitat exhibition to show the innovative aspects of modern architecture.

    The remastering of this film was made by the Fondazione Cineteca Italiana (therefore the titles are in Italian).

    The film is originally silent but is here accompanied by a recent soundtrack.Read More »

  • Hans Richter – Dreams That Money Can Buy (1947)

    Berlin-born Hans Richter – Dadaist, painter, film theorist and filmmaker – was for four decades one of the most influential members of the cinematic avant-garde. Richter assembled some of the century’s liveliest artists as co-creators of Dreams That Money Can Buy, his most ambitious attempt to bring the work of the European avant-garde to a wider cinema audience. Among its admirers is film director David Lynch.Read More »

  • Hans Richter – Dadascope (1961)


    Dadascope is a comprehensive portrait of the Dada movement with its specific techniques of sound and visual clash, word puns, chess, dice and other games of chance. Richter stated, “There is no story, no psychological implication except such as the onlooker puts into the imagery. But it is not accidental either, more a poetry of images built with and upon associations. In other words the film allows itself the freedom to play upon the scale of film possibilities, freedom for which Dada always stood – and still stands.” Read More »

  • Hans Richter – Everyday (1929)

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    Every Day was a film that German avant-garde filmmaker Hans Richter made as part of a film production course run by the Film Society. It features filmmaker Sergei Eisenstein playing a policeman, whilst Len Lye and Basil Wright provided technical assistance. These contributions reflect the sense of internationalism occurring at this time in British film circles. The film was completed in 1929 under the title The Daily Round, but was never released because Richter was unhappy with the result. Richter began to rework the film in 1975, but died before its completion. It was finally restored, with the addition of a soundtrack, after his death.Read More »

  • Hans Richter & Jean Cocteau – 8 X 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements (1957)

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    A masterpiece of experimental film and a projection of the surrealist vision into cinema by its outstanding artists. Described by Richter as “part Freud, part Lewis Carroll,” it is a fairy tale for the subconscious based on the game of chess. This chess-sonata is played by a host of artists including Paul Bowles, Jean Cocteau, Julian Levy, Jacqueline Matisse, Jose Sert, Yves Tanguy, Marcel Duchamp, Max Ernst and Alexander Calder. “What interested me is the poetry of images, the melody and rhythm of forms and colors” (Hans Richter).Read More »

  • Hans Richter – Inflation / Zweigroschenzauber / Rennsymphonie (1927 – 1929)

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    Three shorts by Hans Richter.

    Inflation, 1927 link
    Zweigroschenzauber, 1929 link
    Rennsymphonie, 1929 linkRead More »

  • Hans Richter – Alles dreht sich, Alles bewegt sich / Rhythm 23 / Two pence magic (1923 – 1930)


    3 Films by Hans Richter.
    RHYTHM 23 (1923) (00:03:22)
    TWO PENCE MAGIC (1930) (00:02:17)Read More »

  • Hans Richter – Filmstudie (1926)

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    This is an early experimental short by Hans Richter.Read More »

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