Harald Reinl

  • Harald Reinl – Bergkristall (1949)

    Harald Reinl1941-1950AustriaDramaRomance
    Bergkristall (1949)
    Bergkristall (1949)

    The Tyrolean mountain farmer’s son Franz loves the beautiful Sanna. A hunter who is also interested in her catches Franz poaching, shoots him and leaves him alone. On the run, he falls fatally into a crevasse. When Franz returns home badly injured, he is believed to be the murderer of the missing hunter. Although he is acquitted in court for lack of evidence, the village community turns their backs on him. Only Sanna sticks by him. Years later, their children get lost in the mountains at Christmas time and come across the hunter’s body, unharmed from gunshot wounds. So Franz is finally rehabilitated.Read More »

  • Harald Reinl – Zimmer 13 AKA Room 13 (1964)

    1961-1970CrimeGermanyHarald ReinlThriller

    This crime thriller contains enough comedy and blood to interest almost any movie fan. Shady underworld thugs gather in a seedy Soho hotel in Room 13 to plan a train robbery. They plan to rendezvous in the mansion of a member of Parliament who is being blackmailed for his ties to the gang 20 years earlier. Simultaneously, a mysterious slasher is murdering women with a straight razor. Jonny Gray (Joachim Fuschberger) is the detective who is called on to solve the robbery and the murders.Read More »

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