Harold Young

  • Harold Young – The Mummy’s Tomb (1942)

    USA1941-1950CrimeHarold YoungHorror

    You cannot keep a good mummy down forever and Kharis is back in this sequel to The Mummy’s Hand, which itself was something of a remake of the classic Boris Karloff thriller of 1935, The Mummy. Although assumed to have been killed by Stephen Banning (Dick Foran) in the previous film, Andoheb (George Zucco) has miraculously survived and is now planning a terrible revenge on both Banning and his entire family in Mapleton, MA. With High Priest Mehemet Bey (Turhan Bey) as his faithful companion, Kharis (Lon Chaney Jr.) takes up residence in a Mapleton graveyard where the mysterious Mr. Bey somehow has obtained the job of caretaker. At the first full moon, the mummy is fed enough tanna leaves to break into the Banning residence and kill the now elderly Stephen. To find out what exactly happened, the dead man’s son, John (John Hubbard), gets in contact with Babe Hanson (Wallace Ford), one of the members of the original Banning expedition to Egypt. Read More »

  • Harold Young – Spy Train (1943)

    1941-1950Harold YoungThrillerUSA

    Plot Synopsis:
    A reporter recognizes some Nazi spies on a train and soon realizes that they’re after a particular piece of luggage. Little does any of them suspect that the contents of that bag may be the death of everyone on board!Read More »

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