Henry Levin

  • Henry Levin – I Love a Mystery (1945)

    1941-1950Henry LevinHorrorMysteryUSA

    The first of a short-lived series of films based on Carleton E. Morse’s classic radio serial, this is a movie version of one of the show’s most popular stories, “The Decapitation of Jefferson Monk.”

    Brief Synopsis:
    A detective tries to protect a man who has predicted his murder will take place in three days.Read More »

  • Henry Levin – The Flying Missile (1950)

    1941-1950DramaHenry LevinUSAWar

    Fictional account of the role played by a somewhat impetuous US Naval commander in developing the first means of launching missiles from submarines.Read More »

  • Mario Bava & Henry Levin – Le meraviglie di Aladino (1961)

    Mario Bava1961-1970AdventureFantasyHenry Levin

    Young man found in Baghdad in a lamp with a Genie Pony which help the Prince to defeat evil and the good Sposaro Grand Vizier of the Sultan’s daughter. Modest variations in the history of the Arabian Held in special effects at night with Mario Bava, Italian edition that the royal signature, and characterizations of gigionesche Vittorio. De Sica and Aldo Fabrizi.Read More »

  • Henry Levin – If a Man Answers (1962)

    1961-1970ComedyHenry LevinUSA

    AMG: This lightweight, nearly zero-gravity comedy by director Henry Levin relies on a novel by a male writer and a script by another man to come up with a nearly offensive story (in these more enlightened times) about how a woman can lie, manipulate, and generally deceive her husband, all in the “art” of hanging on to him. Sandra Dee is Chantal, married to Eugene (Bobby Darin, Dee’s real-life husband), but first comes the story of how she hooked him. Next, comes the story of how he is trained to be a perfect husband, and then the final installment is unveiled. She uses a variety of tricks to keep him wondering whether or not he can trust her. For example, Chantal’s mother calls her and “if a man answers” she hangs up, leaving the unhappy husband to think his wife has a clandestine lover. The premise that a woman’s only role in life is to get and hold a husband has thankfully undergone a few revisions since 1962.Read More »

  • Henry Levin – Two of a Kind (1951)

    Henry Levin1951-1960CrimeFilm NoirUSA

    Brandy Kirby and crooked Lawyer Vincent Mailer plan to rob William and Maida McIntyre by producing a convincing double for their long-lost son. Brandy charms gambler Lefty Farrell into impersonating the missing son. Kathy, the McIntyre’s niece, who likes Lefty, introduces him to the McIntyres who soon become convinced he is their son, but the old man refuses to change his will. Lefty balks at killing McIntyre and exposes Mailer’s attempted swindle. Brandy and Lefty end up together as “two of a kind.”Read More »

  • Henry Levin – Convicted (1950)

    1941-1950CrimeFilm NoirHenry LevinUSA

    From Spencer Selby’s Dark City:
    Serving time in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, a man becomes hard and embittered. One of several noirs which were remade from thirties crime pictures.Read More »

  • Gordon Douglas & Henry Levin – Mr. Soft Touch (1949)

    1941-1950CrimeDramaGordon DouglasHenry LevinUSA

    Just before Christmas, Joe Miracle, a returning WWII war hero, comes home to learn that gangster Barney Teener has taken over his nightclub and murdered Joe’s partner. Joe loots the club’s safe for $100,000 and then finds sanctuary in a settlement house ran by Jenny Jones. Mistaking him for a down-and-out musician, she helps him understand the importance of her work. “Early” Byrd, a newspaper columnist, learns Joe’s true identity and writes a column that puts Barney on his trail. The gangsters recover the money, after setting fire to the settlement house, but Joe steals it again, and returns to the gutted welfare house disguised as Santa Claus, and gives the money to Jenny to rebuild. There, Tenner and his gang catch up to Joe.Read More »

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