Herbert Vesely

  • Herbert Vesely – Menschen im Espresso aka People on Expresso (1958)

    “The espresso has a democratic note,” says Vesely’s study on urban life changings.
    Italy has spread to Munich: cappuccino, ice cream and outdoor tables instead of beer pub. The generation gap in 1958 is already visible, because with espresso drinking the German youth set the tone.

    An essay on the “Italianization” of life in Munich: an espresso bar and tables in the open air instead of the Hofbräuhaus.Read More »

  • Herbert Vesely – Der Kurze Brief zum langen Abschied aka Short Letter to the Long Farewell (1978)

    Here is a Peter Handke Adaptation from the 70s featuring Geraldine Chaplin and Music by Brian Eno.
    about the novel:
    In ”Short Letter, Long Farewell,” a German playwright is pursued by his wife, an actress, who wants to kill him. They scramble across the United States – Providence, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Tucson, northern Oregon – to California, where they meet the director John Ford, who utters sage advice that enables them to part in peace. The novel is full of vivid snapshots of American characters and scenes, and the idiosyncratic mixture of narrative, interior monologue, natural description and cultural themes and cliches is a brilliant concoction.Read More »

  • Herbert Vesely – Nicht mehr fliehen AKA No More Fleeing (1955)

    In a desolate, destroyed landscape – bearing now irrelevant traces of technological society – a man and a boy try to find their way under a fierce sun.Read More »

  • Herbert Vesely – Das Brot der frühen Jahre (1962)

    Based on the novel of the same title by Heinrich Böll.

    The young electrician Walter Fendrich has started a promising career. Everything seems to be on the right track. As the future husband of his employer’s daughter Walter even can hope to once succeed him as head of the company. All of a sudden, the visit of a girl from his home town, whom he last saw seven years ago, changes his entire life. Walter realizes that his entire life so far has been all wrong. He breaks out of his former “reasonable“ life and gives up and the wonderful security of the affluent society. He simply disapperas without a farewell or explanation… Read More »

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