Herman Yau

  • Herman Yau – Yi bo la beng duk AKA Ebola Syndrome (1996)

    Kai having murdered 3 people in Hong Kong escapes to South Africa, 10 years later he is still working at the same Chinese where the boss know of his crime and is giving him a place to hide. One day Kai goes with his boss to go buy pigs from an African tribe…Read More »

  • Herman Yau – On the Edge AKA Hak bak do (2006)

    After eight years of undercover work with the triads, officer Hoi San’s case brings about the conviction of the crime boss. But now Hoi is detested by the triads and by his fellow officers–and he’s forced to run after he’s suspected of a crime.

    Arresting his gangster head, Hoi San finally resumes to a policeman and receives his bravery award after 8 years undercover duties. However, walking out from the dark side and having his real life is not easy for Hoi San as he is being disliked and repelled by his new police colleague, he is being detested by his past gangster buddy. The most miserable thing is his lover for 8 years also wants to leave him…Read More »

  • Herman Yau – Xong xing zi: Zhi jiang hu da feng bao AKA War of the Underworld (1996)

    When the son of a gang leader manages to insult the son of a rival gang leader, total war erupts between the rival gangs, and the young hero is forced to do terrible things in order to maintain order and honor.Read More »

  • Herman Yau – Di shi pan guan aka Taxi Hunter (1993)

    Mild mannered businessman Anthony Wongs life is shattered when his pregnant wife is run over by a busy taxi driver. This and another incident with a sleazy cab driver causes Wong to go on a mission to kill bad taxi drivers.Read More »

  • Herman Yau – Deng hou dong jian hua fa la AKA From the Queen to the Chief Executive (2001)

    Beginning in 1997 with television footage of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region being sworn into office, we next see an appeal being made to the Chief Executive. The story then swiftly backtracks to 1985. We follow three people whose lives will intersect 12 years later: Yue-ling, Mr. Leung, and Ming. Yue-ling is a teenage girl suffering from loneliness and abuse; Mr. Leung is helping factory workers protest unfair working conditions, and Ming is a teenage boy caught up in a horrific crime. Fast-forward to early 1997, and we discover that Yue-ling has grown into a young woman fascinated by the prose of a young man who turns out to be a prisoner. That prisoner is Ming. Read More »

  • Herman Yau – Zhong Huan ying xiong AKA Don’t Fool Me (1991)

    Plot / Synopsis
    Two friends, Hero Hwa and Chiang Ho-Chie star are two old friends who meet up in later life. Hwa is a triad gang member and Ho-Chie is an insurance salesman, Hero is looking for a career change and Ho-Chie has become disillusioned with life after discovering he has a “bubble” in his brain that could burst at any time killing him. The two decide to switch lives for a bit with the Triad going respectable and the Insurance Salesman taking on the world of the Triads.Read More »

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