Hong Kong

Yonfan – Jìyuántái qihào AKA No.7 Cherry Lane (2019)

Ziming, a University undergraduate, is entangled between his amorous feelings for a self-exiled mother Mrs Yu from Taiwan and her beautiful daughter Meiling, in the era coincides with Hong Kong’s turbulent times of 1967. Read More »

Billy Hin-Shing Tang – Woo dung saai yan si gin AKA Interactive Murders (2002)

Pop star Anna has been kidnapped. Kidnapper Jash uploads the video clip of Anna being tortured onto the internet, which instantly becomes the talk of Hong Kong. A week later, Jash contacts the police, asking not for a ransom but for retired police inspector Mo to be his police contact. Inspector Mo eventually discovers through a tabloid magazine that a self-proclaimed psychic named Shana had phoned a radio program on the day of the kidnapping to warn of the incident. Read More »

Michael Hui – Tian cai yu bai chi AKA The Last Message (1975)

Ah Tim (Michael Hui) is a handy man and Li (Samuel Hui) is a nurse in the Hang Seng Sanitarium. Together thez engage in dubious plots and exploits. Read More »

Michael Hui – Mai sun kai AKA The Contract (1978)

A hilarious comedy starring HUI brothers, Michael and Ricky. Michael plays an aspiring actor looking for his big break and brother Ricky is a wacky inventor who has just created Hong Kong’s first “laugh” bomb. Chi Man (Michael Hui) signs an eight-year contract, which is a piece of almost blank paper, with MTV. His career is hindered. He is going to steal the contract with the help of Chi Ying (Ricky Hui) and Sai Kit (Sam Hui), a young magician. Read More »

Shu-Kai Chung – Daai cheung foo 2 AKA Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)

The war between men and women never ends… Last time, Tin, Dr. Lee and Chao failed in the “mission”, but they didn’t take this as a lesson. They are more cautions these years and success to fool around behind their wives. This time, the team grows by a new comer – a university student Sai. At the same time, Mary, Ching, Chao’s wife and Ling (Sai’s girlfriend) get a DVD from Auntie Ninth. It is a very popular DVD among women recently, which is a documentary to teach women how to fooling around. Four women go to Macau to break the bond of morality. It is too late when the men discover this. They rush to Macau to ruin the women’s plan. A battle between women and men begins… Read More »

Ho-Cheung Pang – Daai cheung foo AKA Men Suddenly In Black (2003)

Four men attempt to fool around as much as they can before their wives return from a 14-hour Buddhism trip to Thailand. Read More »

Wei Lo – Hai yuan chi hao AKA Wang Yu’s 7 Magnificent Fights (1973)

After accidentally killing another sailor, seaman Wang Hai-lung stows away on a ship bound for Japan. While Wang discovers the ship is involved in smuggling and witnesses the murder of a detective, Wang is discovered by the smugglers. Read More »