Hugh Burnett

Hugh Burnett – Face to Face: Professor Jung (1959)

Carl Gustav Jung was 84 years old when he was interviewed for the BBC series, “Face to Face”, in October 1959. At the time, he was world’s greatest living psychologist, founder of analytical psychology and originator of the concept of the collective unconscious. So his agreeing to be interviewed was an historic coup. Indeed, he was arguably John Freeman’s most famous guest ever to appear in the series. The program itself didn’t follow the usual studio format. A film team flew to Jung’s Zurich home. And as well as seeing the old man walking by the lakeside, viewers were also given a glimpse of the usually shadowy, somewhat enigmatic, John Freeman himself, whose face, despite the program’s title, rarely appeared on the screen. And another difference: of all the 35 “Face to Face” guests, Jung was the only one to refuse to have his portrait drawn by Feliks Topolski for the program’s opening sequence. Read More »