Humberto Solás

  • Humberto Solás – Le siècle des lumières AKA El siglo de las luces (1993)

    1991-2000DramaFranceHumberto Solás

    Three young aristocratic cousins in 18th-century Havana befriend a French merchant who protects them from various intrigues and introduces them to the ideas of the French Enlightenment and Revolution. An epic adventure ensues, connecting their lives through the Haitian revolution, populist revolts in Paris, Freemason plots and peasant uprisings in Spain.Read More »

  • Humberto Solás – Lucía (1968)

    1961-1970CubaDramaHumberto Solás

    A formally dazzling landmark of Cuban cinema by Humberto Solás, the operatic epic Lucía recounts the history of a changing country through the eyes of three eponymous women. In 1895, Lucía is a tragic noblewoman who inadvertently betrays her country for love. In 1932, she is a member of the bourgeoisie drawn into the workers’ uprising against the dictator. And in the postrevolutionary 1960s, she is a rural newlywed struggling against patriarchal oppression. Shot in an array of distinct, evocative visual styles, Solás’s sprawling triptych is a vital document of radical progress.
    CriterionRead More »

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