Hung Hung

  • Hung Hung – Ren jian xi ju AKA Human Comedy (2001)

    2001-2010AsianComedyHung HungTaiwan

    The second movie as the director of Hung Hung, Human Comedy, is divided in four stories separated by interconnected chapters focusing on the contradictions of the human condition inside the modern Taipei. The first story narrates the misfortunes of a young shoe saleswoman who is in love with the actor Tony Leung who lives virtually isolated of all inside in a world of fantasy that she has been created around it. In the second chapter we get in the shoes of an actor who must fight with the director of the play he is working for (AIDS patient) and with his conservative mother who is coming to Taipei to visit him. The third story concerns on engaged couples that are forced to seek for a new house because their house is infected with cockroaches. Read More »

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