I-Chen Ko

  • I-Chen Ko – Dai jian de xiao hai AKA Kidnapped (1983)

    I-Chen Ko1981-1990AsianDramaTaiwan

    After her six year old son is kidnapped, a successful fashion designer must work with a detective to clear up the terrifying mystery and get her son back.Read More »

  • I-Chen Ko – Lan yue AKA Blue Moon (1997)

    1991-2000AsianDramaI-Chen KoTaiwan

    There is usually only one full moon every month, but occasionally there are two – and that second full moon is called the “Blue Moon”. It is said that when a person sees a blue moon and makes a wish, he will be granted a second chance in things. This film is about two young men and a woman who are granted not only a second, but 120 chances. This is because the film is structured in such a way that its five reels of footage can be projected in random sequences every time it is screened and the story will still make sense – the number of possible combinations adds up to 120 times; each time there is a different story, different rhythm and different atmosphere.Read More »

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