Igor Auzins

  • Igor Auzins – The Death Train (1978)

    1971-1980AustraliaComedyIgor AuzinsMystery

    This Australian TV movie is a fun little watch. It is a mystery with supernatural overtones as insurance man Ted Morrow (Hugh Keays-Byrne) shows up to investigate the unusual death of a man who was apparently run over by a train in a place where there are no train tracks. What really makes this movie enjoyable is the lead performance of Keays-Byrne, He of “Toecutter” fame from MAD MAX fame. He plays the character as a bit of an eccentric and really adds a lot to the role. Director Igor Auzins bends the mystery to leave both the logical and supernatural options open at the end of the film. This is wonderful in the sense that you can imagine Morrow as being completely insane with the way he unravels the mystery.Read More »

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