Ilmar Raag

  • Ilmar Raag – Klass AKA The Class (2007)

    Drama2001-2010EstoniaIlmar Raag

    Kaspar and the class pushover Joosep are 16 and life in high school isn’t easy. Without meaning to, Kaspar defends Joosep against the bullying of his classmates, but every time Kaspar tries to him, it backfires, with the class taking it out on Joosep. Kaspar just wants his friends, his girl and his unassuming life back. Joosep wants to regain his dignity and the chance to switch to a high school far away. But their classmates are relentless, going further and further with each incident.Read More »

  • Ilmar Raag – Kertu AKA Love is Blind (2013)

    Drama2011-2020EstoniaIlmar RaagRomance

    Kertu (Ursula Ratasepp) is a girl who is different to other people in her village. Extremely fearful and shy, she keeps to herself, and so the word around the village is that she is a simpleton. One day, Kertu falls in love with the village drunk, Villu (Mait Malmsten). Villu, being an alcoholic, and Kertu, with her timid personality, are both outcasts of society. When they start talking one night at the village party, they are pleasantly surprised to find comfort in each other’s company. Villu seems to be the only one who sees Kertu as a normal person, while Kertu is the only one who doesn’t see Villu as a mere drunkard. They spend a happy night together, but that is all they get – the next day, Kertu’s family is convinced that Villu took advantage of their daughter, even though the girl refuses to press charges against him. But little attention is paid to Kertu’s opinion. Read More »

  • Ilmar Raag – Ya ne vernus AKA I Won’t Come Back (2014)

    2011-2020DramaIlmar RaagRussia


    A young woman who grew up in orphanage is longing to be loved, but does not have it in her to love others. Her teenage looks help her while falsely accused of committing a crime to hide in a orphanage without arousing any suspicion. There, she meets a 13 years old homeless person like herself, Kristina, and together they set out on a long journey to a small town in Kazakhstan, where Kristina’s grandmother lives…Read More »

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