• Chiska Doppert – Kamar 207 (2014)

    2011-2020Chiska DoppertHorrorIndonesia

    Shasi, who inherited the Mary’s Inn Hotel from his father, faced a big problem: A ghost named Mary interrupted the old hotel. During his life, Mary committed suicide because of a broken heart because the bridegroom did not come to their wedding. For the sake of the sustainability of his hotel business, Shasi hired a group of ghost hunters to drive away Mary forever. During the process of exorcism, Mary fought and entered Shasi’s body, and made everything chaotic.Read More »

  • Rizal Mantovani – Kuntilanak 2 (2019)

    2011-2020HorrorIndonesiaRizal Mantovani

    Dinda who escapes the Kuntilanak (female vampire ghost) terror, without the agreement of Aunt Donna, intends to meet someone who is believed to be her biological mother, Karmila. Together with his younger siblings and accompanied by Julia and Edwin, they are trapped in a house in the middle of the forest. Many irregularities occur. Dinda again has to deal with Kuntilanak, but it was different from what she had defeated using spikes or spells.Read More »

  • Yudhistira Bayuadji & Maxime Bouttier – Kain Kafan Hitam (2019)

    Maxime Bouttier2011-2020HorrorIndonesiaYudhistira Bayuadji

    Evelyn, a student, has two younger siblings: Arya and Maya who are still in elementary and middle school. Evelyn has a boyfriend, Bimo, who has a hobby of horror. In fact, he has a strange community on campus, a demon search community. Bimo is accompanied by Angeline and Roy in the community. Evelyn says that after her parents died in an accident, she has to move from her house because the house had been mortgaged to the bank for a long time. They find a house that was in line with Evelyn’s financial abilities. Mysteries happen in that house.Read More »

  • Riri Riza – Ada Apa dengan Cinta? 2 AKA What’s Up with Love 2 (2016) (HD)

    2011-2020DramaIndonesiaRiri RizaRomance

    14 years after their budding romance in high-school, Rangga and Cinta reunite in Yogyakarta to have their closure after Rangga had left Cinta with no explanation years prior.Read More »

  • Sisworo Gautama Putra – Pengabdi setan aka Satan’s Slave (1982)

    1981-1990CultHorrorIndonesiaSisworo Gautama Putra

    Poor teenager Tommy isn’t having a good time of it. His mother just passed away at a tragically young age. Tommy starts seeing a ghostly white apparition of her unrestful spirit. He also experiences scary nightmares of an evil devil cult. Plus a couple of close friends of the family meet brutal untimely ends. Could it be mysterious new housekeeper Darminah who’s behind the freaky and troubling events that have befallen Tommy and his family? Director Sisworo Gautama Putra does an expert job of ably creating and sustaining a powerfully eerie and unnerving otherworldly atmosphere. Moreover, Putra does a totally convincing job of evoking a thoroughly believable mundane everyday reality that’s ripped asunder by bizarre and inexplicable supernatural phenomenon.Read More »

  • Ratno Timoer – Golok Setan AKA The Devil’s Sword (1984)

    1981-1990FantasyIndonesiaMartial ArtsRatno Timoer

    The Devil’s Sword lies hidden in a secret cave inside Devil’s Mountain. Four warriors attack the keeper and force him to hand over the map but he manages to escape and runs to Mandala who sets off on his journey to save the Devil’s Sword.Read More »

  • Joko Anwar – Forbidden Door aka Pintu terlarang (2009)

    2001-2010HorrorIndonesiaJoko AnwarThriller

    A successful sculptor whose life run by domineering wife and mother discovers a secret organization in which members can watch the lives of most dysfunctional, depraved families in the town which are fed from hidden cameras. When he stumbles upon a channel showing a little boy who’s being viciously abused by his parents, he tries to find the kid to save him. But his quest leads him back to a secret door in his own house that could be the answer to many puzzles.Read More »

  • Liliek Sudjio – Ratu Ilmu Hitam AKA The Queen of Black Magic (1981)

    1981-1990HorrorIndonesiaLiliek Sudjio

    Murni is a young woman in love with the the handsome Kotar. He promises to marry her, but after taking her virginity he marries another woman, the daughter of the village headman. Murni is not well pleased with this. The wedding does not go off smoothly, with the bride having strange visions of skeletal husbands, and in fact the whole event becomes a shamble. It is clear to the villagers that black magic is at work here.Read More »

  • Yosep Anggi Noen – Istirahatlah Kata-Kata AKA Solo, Solitude (2016)

    Drama2011-2020IndonesiaYosep Anggi Noen

    The Suharto regime has been holding power in Indonesia for over 30 years, shutting down democracy time and time again. Highly critical of the regime and unafraid to speak his mind, Wiji Thukul is a poet whose words are often yelled proudly by the crowd during political protests. When riots break out in Jakarta in 1996, he and a few other activists are accused to be responsible. Forced to flee, Wiji escapes to Pontianak in Borneo where he hides for eight months, sometimes living with complete strangers. There, he has to change his identity several times, but continues to write poetry and short stories under a pen name. In the meantime, in Solo, central Java, his wife, Sipon, lives with their two children under constant surveillance. In May 1998, Wiji Thukul is declared missing, a month before Suharto is deposed by his own people.Read More »

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