• Gotot Prakosa – Experimental Shorts by Gotot Prakosa (1977-1982)

    1971-19801981-1990AnimationExperimentalGotot PrakosaIndonesia

    Impulse (1977)
    An early experimental abstract animation, made by drawing directly on to 16mm filmRead More »

  • Garin Nugroho – Opera Jawa AKA Requiem from Java [+Extras] (2006)

    Arthouse2001-2010Garin NugrohoIndonesiaMusical


    Siti (Artika Sari Devi) and Setio (Martinus Miroto) are a married couple living in a small village. They were once dancers in plays depicting the Ramayana, but have since retired from the stage to sell earthenware pottery.

    Siti used to play the part of Sita, the wife of Prince Rama, whom Setio portrayed. In an episode from the Ramayana, Siti becomes the object of desire of evil King Ravana and is abducted by him.

    The events of the Ramayana are paralleled in the characters’ real lives when Ludiro (Eko Supriyanto), a butcher who rules over all the village’s business affairs, tries to seduce Siti. Read More »

  • Garin Nugroho – Puisi tak terkuburkan AKA Unconcealed Poetry (2000)

    1991-2000DramaGarin NugrohoIndonesiaPolitics


    Timely in terms of current Indonesian politics but in other respects long overdue, Nugroho’s extraordinary film looks back to 1965, when the assassination of seven army officers was unconvincingly pinned on communists—giving the dictator Suharto all the excuse he needed for decades of authoritarian rule and arbitrary arrests. There were mass arrests and executions in Aceh, then as now considered Indonesia’s most fractious province. One lucky survivor was the poet Ibrahim Kadir. Nugroho invites Kadir (now 56) to perform some of the didong narrative poems he has written in the intervening years, amid a recreation of events in the Takengon Prison. The film focuses on cells 7 (for men) and 8 (for women); the inmates keep their spirits up with songs, stories of local courtships and tales of government stupidity. More elegiac than angry, the film is presented—very poetically—as a slow transition from monochrome to delicate colour.Read More »

  • Joshua Oppenheimer & Anonymous & Christine Cynn – The Act of Killing (2012)

    2011-2020AnonymousChristine CynnDocumentaryIndonesiaJoshua Oppenheimer


    The Act of Killing (Indonesian: ”Jagal”) is a 2012 documentary film directed by Joshua Oppenheimer

    When Sukarno was overthrown by Suharto following the tragic 30 September Movement in 1965, Anwar and his friends were promoted from small-time gangsters who sold movie theatre tickets on the black market to death squad leaders. They helped the army kill more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals. As the executioner for the most notorious death squad in his city, Anwar himself killed hundreds of people with his own hands.

    Today, Anwar is revered as a founding father of a right-wing paramilitary organization that grew out of the death squads. The organization is so powerful that its leaders include government ministers, and they are happy to boast about everything from corruption and election rigging to genocide.Read More »

  • H. Tjut Djalil – Dangerous Seductress (1995)

    1991-2000H. Tjut DjalilHorrorIndonesia


    The Evil Queen returns to possess an American girl who she orders to go out and claim victims to sate her blood lust.
    Read More »

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