Iradj Azimi

  • Iradj Azimi – Les îles (1983)

    Iradj Azimi1981-1990DramaFantasyFrance
    Les îles (1983)
    Les îles (1983)

    “The abstraction of the story and the concrete presence of the natural settings apprehended with a beautiful sense of the frame infuse a mythical dimension to this worthy successor of Jean Epstein’s Breton films.”

    “This is Azimi’s third film in Brittany, he has already shot Les jours gris in 1973 in Dinan and Utopia in 1978 in Cap Fréhel.
    “Here everything overlaps: the sea, the sky, the flat orange of the sun, the clouds and the foam around the rocks, the salt. Only the island tears.”
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  • Iradj Azimi – Utopia (1978)

    1971-1980ArthouseFranceIradj AzimiSci-Fi

    After a painful separation from the woman he loved, Julien (Laurent Terzieff) leaves his apartment.
    He goes in search of his yesterday friends but no one answers him and the town stays silent.
    So Julien is leaving the city in search of his childhood, his old school and his favorite teacher.
    To the children who are here today he speaks a language that charm them
    as it also charms the discreet Sylvie (Dominique Sanda)
    His original teaching method is not to the taste of everyone.
    It will even provoke the hostility of the parents and the administration. He’s fired.
    Continuing his way, Julien goes to the sea and enters the sea.
    The classroom doors suddenly open and a huge crowd of children
    suddenly appears at the top of the dunes preparing to invade the beaches.
    Then a storm breaks, a new battle is prepared and Utopia seems closer than ever.Read More »

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