Irfan Tözüm

  • Irfan Tözüm – Kiz kulesi asiklari (1994)

    1991-2000DramaIrfan TözümTurkey

    A 60-year-old poet, an intellectual and lonely man, often spends his days with visits to the Maiden’s Tower. While visiting the rooms on one of these visits, he encounters the old lantern guard’s belongings. This story attracts much attention of the poet, especially the diary kept by the guard during his life is a mysterious memory book. As he reads the diary, the man, who discovers that the stories told in the diary are very similar to the story of the Maiden Tower legend Hera and Leandros, gets stuck between legends and facts over time. He downstairs neighbor Nesibey in the place of Hera in the legend, and the passion that grows between them is fed by this legend.Read More »

  • Irfan Tözüm – Cazibe hanimin gündüz düsleri aka Daydreams of Miss Cazibe (1992)

    1991-2000DramaFantasyIrfan TözümTurkey

    Cazibe (Hale Soygazi) is a woman in her late thirties, who has never got married or had a relationship with a man in her life. She lives with her old mother (Suna Selen) and her uncle (Macit Koper) who feels an attraction towards her. The only thing which is private to her is her projector machine, which she keeps in a room at the roof of the house. Whenever she gets free time alone she goes to the room, sits on her rocking chair, switches on the projector and meets the boy she loved when she was at school, in her dreams. However, she believes that these are not dreams but that they are real, she really meets the boy whenever she switches on the projector. One day, a political criminal (one of her neighbors) come to their house at night to hide out. Cazibe thinks that he is the man in her dreams and makes love with him that night. The other day, the man leaves just with a note, and Cazibe loses her mind and starts to do strange things at home.Read More »

  • Irfan Tözüm – Mum kokulu kadinlar AKA Scented Candles Women (1996)

    1991-2000DramaIrfan TözümTurkey

    The movie is about the troubles of a group of people living in the same neighborhood. Ihsan has turned in upon himself by the death of his lover and he is waiting for the day when he will die in the mansion where he lives. Fatma sometimes goes to help Ihsan, and she can’t stand against her husband who abuses her daughter. Gulizar lives in the same neighborhood, and she has also become obsessed with her virginity. Gül is also accidentally pregnant and cheated on by her husband. She is also preoccupied with her own problems. The story of these five people struggling with their own problems will intersect around a murder case.Read More »

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