Irina Golubeva

  • Irina Golubeva – Andrey Tarkovsky – Trudno byt bogom AKA It’s hard to be God (2019)

    2011-2020DocumentaryIrina GolubevaRussiaTV

    Трудно быть богом

    Andrei Tarkovsky is the most famous Russian director, who during his lifetime was called a genius. He did not take many pictures, but they all became classics of world cinema. “Andrey Rublev”, “Solaris”, “Mirror”, “Stalker”. It seemed that he created his films from air, water and fire, from deep emotions and even his own dreams. This is an extremely sincere, confessional art, but what is the creator who created it?! What was this God who lived the mortal life of a man with his weaknesses, fears, doubts? For the first time we will tell about the real Andrei Tarkovsky, we will open the veil of his strange, mysterious and very personal worlds.Read More »

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