Irving Cummings

Irving Cummings – Double Dynamite! (1951)

Johnny Dalton (Frank Sinatra), a poor bank teller who works tirelessly to save enough money to marry his doting girlfriend (Jane Russell), comes across a fortune when he rescues a duplicitous bookie (Nestor Paiva) from attackers. As a misguided sign of thanks, the bookie gives Dalton an ample cash gift — which curiously matches the amount missing from his bank. Now suspected of embezzlement, the bewildered Dalton turns to his best friend, a wily and wacky waiter (Groucho Marx), for help. Read More »

Irving Cummings – The Night Club Lady (1932)


A night club owner under heavy police protection is murdered anyway, and a clever police commissioner figures out that it was her mother, who used a scorpion as the murder weapon.
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