Isabelle Prim

  • Isabelle Prim – La rouge et la noire AKA The Red and the Black (2011)

    2011-2020CrimeExperimentalFranceIsabelle Prim

    Carrying on Luc Moullets unfinished screenplay about the theft of la pénélope, a camera created by Aaton and capable of recording equally well in 35 mm and digitally, LA ROUGE ET LA NOIRE is a film in kaleidoscope form. The portrait of Aatons founder, Jean-Pierre Beauviala creator, inter alia, of the time-code and the light cameras used by the New Wave (in particular the bush camera specially designed for Jean Rouch) is centered around the basic plot introduced by two women thieves who talk as voice-overs, and whose identities will only be revealed at the end.Read More »

  • Isabelle Prim – Mens (2019)

    2011-2020DocumentaryFranceIsabelle Prim

    This is the story of an almost forgotten murder, and an almost forgotten love. Young Jean is the one who brings it up again, while together with his mother he is clearing the house of his recently deceased grandmother in Mens in the South of France and decides to keep a box of old papers.Read More »

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