István Gaál

  • István Gaál – Tisza-öszi vázlatok AKA Tisza – Fall Sketches (1963)

    1961-1970DocumentaryHungaryIstván GaálShort Film

    The first signs of autumn are seen in a landscape along a river. Some villagers are stacking a bed of stone blocks on the river-bank to avoid more eroding. Others are occupied by plowing, fishing or repairing. A small steamboat passes by. In the engine room a stoker is shoveling coal into the oven. Further down the river a small town is passed by the water. A rowing-team is training for coming races. Some biologists are looking at microbes from the water through a microscope. A group of workers are painting a new barge and push it into the river. When a small boy sees a racing boat, he leaves his sand-castle and runs along the river.Read More »

  • István Gaál – Sodrásban AKA The Current (1964)

    1961-1970DramaHungaryIstván Gaál


    Director Istvan Gaal’s feature film debut was well received in the international community as well as his native country, Hungary. Sodrasban/Current is about a group of young people who have vacation around a small town. They spend their time playing around, taking life lightly. One day while they are diving at a nearby swimming area, they discover that one of their friends is missing. After an extensive search for the boy, his drowned body is eventually found and identified. This tragic incident changes the children’s perspectives of their lives as they now consider their own mortality, marking the end of their youthful innocence.Read More »

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