Ivan Andonov

  • Ivan Andonov – Vchera AKA Yesterday (1988)

    1981-1990BulgariaDramaIvan Andonov

    The second half of the 60s. The era of The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the sexual revolution and the rebellion of youth. Those events indirectly penetrate behind the walls of an elite English language high school. The pupils are confronted with conformity and prejudice, friendship and betrayal, the death of a best friend – situations that have molded the generation of today’s forty-year-olds. A nostalgic and realistic vision of life in language schools during the years of Socialism. Friendship, betrayal, love, hatred – they all exist in that micro-society, and the scandals are of the most diverse nature, from the pregnant schoolgirl to the latest Western gramophone records. The impressive acting of the rising stars, the conspiring comradeship of the characters and the hit song, make it a cult work among young viewers.Read More »

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