Iván Zulueta

  • Iván Zulueta – Delirios de amor: Párpados (1989)

    I’m talking about ARREBATO (1979), of course.

    While Zulueta can be compared to other great filmmakers like Lynch or Buñuel, watching his brief filmography (he had no luck with the film industry) it’s obvious that he has his own, magnificent style. An style that combines surrealism, fantasy and most important, the exploration of the fascinating human mind (ARREBATO was a film about an obsession and a dependence).Read More »

  • Iván Zulueta – Arrebato AKA Rapture (1979)

    A low budget horror filmmaker gets in touch with an eccentric who is trying to film his consciousness during drug abuse.Read More »

  • Iván Zulueta – Ágata (1966)

    Short film in black and white directed by legendary Iván Zulueta as practice for the second year of the Official School of Cinema (Escuela Oficial de Cine). Despite not appearing in the credits, the story is inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s story “The Oval Portrait”. Shot in 35mm.

    This is Zulueta’s first professional film job (previously, with just 20 years old, he had filmed La fortuna de los Irureta in super 8 as an amateur).Read More »

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