Jack Donohue

  • Jack Donohue – Close-Up (1948)

    1931-1940CrimeJack DonohueThrillerUSA

    Two newsreel reporters doing an outdoor fashion shoot accidentally film a
    Nazi criminal. The Nazi is aided by clever Joe the gangster (an ex-actor gone bad!)
    who uses a variety of methods to retrieve the film before it is used to identify the Nazi.
    Ironically, if left unpursued, the film would have been destroyed. A few predictable but
    well-placed plot twists and double-crosses round out the film.
    One is left wondering how Joe would know to employ a romantic couple to run
    interference for the Nazi as he exited a bank. Joe also surprises by hamming it up
    with drunken nostalgia for his acting days, and whipping people with his belt.Read More »

  • Jack Donohue – Assault on a Queen (1966)

    1961-1970ActionAdventureJack DonohueUSA

    Rosa (Virna Lisi), Vic (Tony Franciosa) and their boat captain (Alf Kjellin) are searching for sunken treasure. They hire Mark (Frank Sinatra) as their diver and begin their treasure hunt. Mark soon spots a long-buried German U-boat, and the plan to search for gold quickly turns into a scheme to use the submarine to rob the HMS Queen Mary. After enlisting the help of a mechanic (Richard Conte), the foursome set their plan in motion while Vic and Mark battle for Rosa’s affections.Read More »

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