Jack Gold

  • Jack Gold – Play for Today: A Walk in the Forest (1980)

    ‘These refuseniks have all been denied visas to go to Israel. Some are in prison, others are suffering KGB harassment even as I speak… the point of asking you here is to find ways of mounting a barrage of publicity in the media. To act as horseflies, if you like, on the Kremlin’s rump.’Read More »

  • Jack Gold – Praying Mantis (1983)

    ‘Public television’s “Mystery!” series has acquired a three-part romp through amorality that, right up to its overly pat ending, is bound to fascinate devoted viewers. “Praying Mantis,” which begins tonight at 9 on WNET/Channel 13, has been adapted quite skillfully by Philip Mackie from a novel by the French writer Hubert Monteilhet. So despite the preponderance of British accents, the flavor of the nasty machinations is strictly Gallic.Read More »

  • Jack Gold – Escape from Sobibor (1987)

    Heavily based on the novel by Richard Rashke, Escape From Sobibor tells the
    inspirational true story of the only successful mass-escape from a Nazi concentration.

    In 1942 Operation Reinhard, the final solution to the Jewish question was put into operation. Three death camps were built in Eastern Poland, near the Russian border, at Treblinka, Belzec, and Sobibor. Sobibor opened in March 1942. Initially, three gas chambers housed in a brick building used carbon monoxide to kill Jewish prisoners, with three more gas chambers added later.Read More »

  • Jack Gold – The Bofors Gun [+Extras] (1968)

    A drama set in post-war Germany. A small detachment of British National Servicemen faces
    internal strife and a meltdown of Army discipline.Read More »

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