Jacques Deray

  • Jacques Deray – Doucement les basses AKA Easy Down There! (1971)

    Jacques Deray1971-1980ComedyFrance

    Simon, a young man who has entered the priesthood after learning of the death of his wife, Rita (Nathalie Delon). Problems abound when he discovers her among the living, and living as a hooker, no less. Paul Meurisse lends his dry humor to the proceedings as Simon’s bishop, who is nostalgic for Medieval times when many questioned whether women had souls at all. Simon, released from his vows, must now rescue Rita from becoming a nun.Read More »

  • Jacques Deray – Le gang (1977)

    Jacques Deray1971-1980CrimeDramaFrance

    In 1945, as World War Two comes to a close, five small time crooks unite to form a gang. After several bold robberies they become notorious as “the front-wheel drive gang”. The police attempt to stop their crime spree with little success, but how long will their luck last?Read More »

  • Jacques Deray – Le marginal AKA The Outsider (1983)

    1981-1990ActionFranceJacques DerayThriller

    Fed-up with the inefficiency of the Marseille police, Paris sends drug-enforcement specialist Philippe Jordan to Marseille. He’s supposed to assist the local law enforcement dismantle the drug networks, especially mobster Sauveur Mecacci’s network. So far, Mecacci has managed to elude capture or successful prosecution by local authorities. However, Inspector Philippe Jordan’s unorthodox law enforcement style may prove efficient against Mecacci if Jordan receives a free-hand green-light from the Marseille police bosses and if he survives the frequent attempts against his life, of course. Once at work, Inspector Philippe Jordan’s rough style creates mayhem in the city of Marseille and triggers numerous complaints from the Mayor’s Office, from outraged citizens and from the lawyers of a scared Mecacci who wants to see Jordan dead. These things, in turn, tell Jordan he’s on the right track.Read More »

  • Jacques Deray – Par un beau matin d’été AKA Crime on a Summer Morning (1965)

    1961-1970CrimeFranceJacques DerayThriller

    An ill-assorted group of international criminals executes a tightly-planned ransom sting in Spain. Things go along swimmingly until various tensions within the group come to the fore. A somewhat predictable, but enjoyable crime melodrama, enhanced by a cool soundtrack, a sustained atmosphere of sunlit unease and a touch of incest. Geraldine Chaplin’s film debut in which she gives the insanely sexy Sophie Daumier a run for her money. Based on a novel by James Hadley Chase.Read More »

  • Jacques Deray – Un homme est mort aka The Outside Man [English version] (1972)

    1971-1980FranceJacques DerayThriller


    Jean-Louis Tritignant stars as Lucien, a hit man who goes to Los Angeles to end the life of an important local mobster. The mobster’s heirs, who hired Lucien, had already hired yet another hit man (Roy Scheider) to kill him. He speaks very little English, and the lifestyles and customs of Los Angelenos puzzle him completely. One of the films highlights is its use of many unusual decayed and shabby sites in the Los Angeles area, such as Venice Beach.Read More »

  • Jacques Deray – Par un beau matin d’été aka Crime on a Summer Morning (1963)

    1961-1970CrimeDramaFranceJacques Deray


    Plot / Synopsis
    Likable if rather wistful James Hadley Chase adaptation. The first half particularly is light and verging on the comedic, albeit with stunning b/w photography and ultra cool soundtrack. Things get a bit more serious as things get a bit more serious, but considering the subject is blackmail and murder, this is a mostly mannered interpretation. Jean-Paul Belmondo, great as ever and so relaxed, throughout. Sexy Sophia Daumier is very effective as his very close sister and Geraldine Chaplin, in her first role, does well as the captive. Not as rough and tough as it might have been and plenty of decent dialogue instead, well this is a French film after all

    Based on a novel by James Hadley Chase.Read More »

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