Jacques Doillon

Jacques Doillon – La vie de famille AKA Family Life (1985)

This is an affecting story about a father’s attempts to mend the breaches in the relationship between himself and his 10-year-old daughter. Emmanuel (Sami Frey) is the father of Elise (Mara Goyet) by his first marriage, and the stepfather of an older daughter by his second marriage. He tries to make the best of both family relationships by taking off to visit his young daughter on the weekends, but that only makes his new family a little jealous – especially his stepdaughter. She herself is confused about her own relationship with him. After a particularly emotional send-off one weekend, Emmanuel and Elise take a trip from the south of France into Spain, working on a film project. Through a series of round-about conversations, Emmanuel manages to open up a few channels of communication with Elise – channels that expand even wider when he uses the technique of talking into her video camera to express thoughts and feelings that otherwise would have remained hidden. Read More »

Jacques Doillon – Ponette (1996)

Les Inrockuptibles wrote:
A 4-year-old child loses her mother. From this violent and irremediable situation, Jacques Doillon builds with Ponette a relentless film on pain and confinement. Contrary to the usual creamy imagery, he recreates with force and truth the magical and cruel world of childhood, a secret universe where adults have no place. Read More »

Jacques Doillon – Amoureuse AKA Lover (1992)

‘An expectant mother begins to question the identity of her unborn child’s father after entering into an extramarital affair with her sister’s lover. Marie and Antoine are living together and deeply in love when Marie voices her desire to become a mother. Unfortunately for Marie, Antoine has no interest in starting a family. Shortly thereafter, Marie meets Paul, and coolly rejects his advances. But later, when Paul begins sleeping with Marie’s sister Juliette, Marie realizes that he may in fact be the man of her dreams. Subsequently alternating between Antoine and Paul as she wrestles with her nagging conscience, Marie later learns she is pregnant and realizes that she can’t be certain which of her lovers is the father.” allmovie Read More »

Jacques Doillon – Raja (2003)

Venice Film Festival winner RAJA is the March selection in The Film Movement Series. Raja is a nineteen year old orphan literally and figuratively scarred by life. Fred is an emotionally bankrupt westernet living amid his plush gardens and palm trees. Set against the backdrop of contemporary Marrakech, RAJA is a cross-cultural drama about a wealthy middle-aged Frenchman’s complex relationship with a local youth. Fred’s attempt at seduction, and their mutual attempt at manipulation, are fractured by their gross disparity of income and cultural sophistication. The New York Times wrote “What distinguishes Raja from every other movie to contemplate the treacherous intersection of passion, avarice and power is its unsettling emotional honesty. Read More »

Jacques Doillon – La femme qui pleure AKA The Crying Woman (1979)

Though he has been having affairs for years, one day when Jacques comes home from being with his mistress, his wife Dominique greets him with tears and demands for affection. After having accepted the situation for so long, it is puzzling to him that she has suddenly grown so demanding. He is not about to leave either woman. Dominique attempts to cope when he brings his mistress home with him, but her inner state is one of increasing hysteria, and tragedy is never very far away. Read More »

Jacques Doillon – L’amoureuse (1987)

French synopsis:
Histoire et commentaires
Des amies se réunissent en Normandie, dans une grande maison de bord de mer pour l’anniversaire de Vanessa. Mais celle-ci, quittée par Michel, n’a pas envie de le fêter. Le temps d’un week-end sur la côte normande, les jeunes filles jouent le jeu de l’amour, chacune vivant à sa manière les méandres de sa vie sentimentale, jusqu’au moment où un jeune américain vient troubler leur intimité. L’une d’elle va succomber à ses charmes, mais l’amoureuse sera-t-elle vraiment amoureuse ? Read More »

Jacques Doillon – Le petit criminel AKA The Little Gangster (1990)

Marc, a troubled teenager, becomes aware of the existence of a sister he has never met. Armed with a pistol his mother found, he goes out to find his sister. After stealing from a shop, he is stopped by a policeman. Marc threatens him with his gun and demands that he helps him in his search. Read More »