Jacques Doillon

  • Jacques Doillon – Un sac de billes AKA A bag of marbles (1975)

    1971-1980ComedyDramaFranceJacques Doillon

    This well-received film covers the World War II survival tactics of two young French Jewish boys, aged 10 and 13, as they try to make the journey to the southern Free Zone where the Nazi occupation is not yet in force. They persuade a priest to say that they are with him and successfully arrive just ahead of the Nazi occupiers. Through their unhesitating deceit, these charming boys are able to outwit their persecutors, and survive with some grace.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Amoureuse AKA Lover (1992)

    1991-2000DramaFranceJacques DoillonRomance

    Synopsis wrote:
    Marie lives with Antoine, but while he is away she meets Paul, a filmmaker visiting from Canada. Paul is instantly smitten and wants her to marry him. She puts him off by saying that she and Antoine have decided to have a baby. When Antoine returns, he becomes vividly jealous of his girlfriend’s chaste encounter, which provokes her into having an affair with Paul.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – La pirate AKA The Pirate (1984)

    Jacques Doillon1981-1990DramaFranceQueer Cinema(s)Romance

    In this avant-garde drama, five main protagonists talk incessantly and occasionally scream at each other, while making it clear that verbal fights are going to lead to mayhem since they carry knives and guns to back up their angry outbursts. At the core of this emotional whirlpool are Carol (Maruschka Detmers) and Alma (Jane Birkin) whose relationship is under stress because of the others, especially Carol’s husband (Andrew Birkin). Laure Marsac received a 1984 Cesar award for Most Promising Young Actress for her unnamed, secondary role as a young girl in this film.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Comédie! (1987)

    1981-1990ComedyDramaFranceJacques Doillon

    In this comedy drama, two lovers go on vacation to the fellow’s summer home in southern France. Once there, the woman becomes quite jealous because she knows that many women have been at this house with him. She herself is not as experienced as he and secretly dreams of having many different lovers. Time passes and things become increasingly tense between them and they begin verbally attacking each other. Finally they make peace and love.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon & Alain Resnais & Jean Rouch – L’an 01 AKA The Year 01 (1973)

    Jacques Doillon1971-1980Alain ResnaisComedyFranceJean RouchPoliticsThe Films of May '68

    The film narrates a utopian abandonment, consensual and festive of the market economy and high productivity. The population decides on a number of resolutions beginning with “We stop everything” and the second “After a total downtime will be revived-reluctantly-that the services and products including lack will prove intolerable. Probably: water to drink, electricity for reading at night, the TSF to say “This is not the end of the world, this is an 01, and now a page of Celestial Mechanics”. The implementation of these resolutions is the first day of a new era, Year 01.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Un enfant de toi AKA A Child of Yours (2012)

    Jacques Doillon2011-2020ComedyFrance

    At the ripe old age of 7, Lina’s started wondering about her well-loved but firmly separated parents. Are they meeting up secretly? Soon, she’s got proof. It’s nuts! Then her mother tells her that she wants another child, as if she, Lina, weren’t enough. And who’s she going to make this baby with, anyway?Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Les Doigts dans la tête AKA Touched in the Head (1974)

    1971-1980ArthouseFranceJacques Doillon

    Baker’s apprentice Chris is sacked from his job for being late. Unwilling to give up the flat that goes with the job, he and his friends resort to squatting. Liv, a Swedish girl moves in and is soon followed by Léon the car mechanic and Rosette, a girl from the bakery. (imdb)Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – La vie de famille AKA Family Life (1985)

    1981-1990DramaFranceJacques Doillon

    This is an affecting story about a father’s attempts to mend the breaches in the relationship between himself and his 10-year-old daughter. Emmanuel (Sami Frey) is the father of Elise (Mara Goyet) by his first marriage, and the stepfather of an older daughter by his second marriage. He tries to make the best of both family relationships by taking off to visit his young daughter on the weekends, but that only makes his new family a little jealous – especially his stepdaughter. She herself is confused about her own relationship with him. After a particularly emotional send-off one weekend, Emmanuel and Elise take a trip from the south of France into Spain, working on a film project. Through a series of round-about conversations, Emmanuel manages to open up a few channels of communication with Elise – channels that expand even wider when he uses the technique of talking into her video camera to express thoughts and feelings that otherwise would have remained hidden.Read More »

  • Jacques Doillon – Ponette (1996)

    1991-2000DramaFranceJacques Doillon

    Les Inrockuptibles wrote:
    A 4-year-old child loses her mother. From this violent and irremediable situation, Jacques Doillon builds with Ponette a relentless film on pain and confinement. Contrary to the usual creamy imagery, he recreates with force and truth the magical and cruel world of childhood, a secret universe where adults have no place.Read More »

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