James Parrott

  • James Parrott – The Hoose-Gow (1929)

    1921-1930ComedyJames ParrottUSA

    Stanley and Oliver protest that they were only bystanders to the raid, but are hauled off to a prison labor camp anyway. They procede with their usual mayhem, Stanley getting his pick stuck in Oliver’s coat, Oliver chopping down a tree which just happens to contain the guard lookout post. When the Governor’s party happens by, Oliver accidentally pokes a hole in his car’s radiator, then attempts to stop the leak by filling the radiator with rice. The result is melee with all involved throwing clumps of soggy rice at each other.Read More »

  • James Parrott – Perfect Day (1929)

    James Parrott1921-1930ComedyUSA

    Plans for a nice Sunday picnic seemed doomed even before Stanley and Oliver and their families get into the car. First the boys get into a fight and destroy all the sandwiches. Then the car itself keeps acting up, requiring repeated exits and reboardings by the boys, their wives and grouchy, gout-ridden Uncle Edgar. A brick-throwing tiff with a neighbor threatens to escalate into general mayhem until the local parson strolls by. They finally manage to get underway, steering toward an innocent-looking mud puddle in the street.Read More »

  • James Parrott – They Go Boom! (1929)

    1921-1930ComedyJames ParrottUSA

    Stanley’s attempts to treat Oliver’s cold include dropping a swab down his friend’s throat, applying a mustard plaster to his rump, and inflating the air mattress from the gas jet until it has Oliver pressed against the ceiling.Read More »

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