Jan Halldoff

  • Jan Halldoff – Chez Nous (1978)

    “It started with a murder of a prostitute, a small matter, really…”

    A stripper from Club Chez Nous is murdered. The killer contacts a newspaper to whitewash himself. Two journalists start to investigate the case and stumble on other crimes along the way.Read More »

  • Jan Halldoff – Det sista äventyret AKA The Last Adventure (1974)

    An officers cadet is dismissed because of his strange behavior. At work he is considered deranged. At home he is dominated by his mother and fiancee. He manages to get a temporary job as a biology teacher, leave home and rent a room. He begins to flirt with a student..Read More »

  • Jan Halldoff – Stenansiktet AKA Stone Face (1973)

    Story of a gang of young people who live in one of the concrete ghettos outside Stockholm. They commit a series of murders of those they feel responsible for their situation. This one is often described as a cheap Swedish Clockwork Orange spin-off.Read More »

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