Jan Jakub Kolski

Jan Jakub Kolski – Jasminum (2006)

Minowo monastery is a modest place of poverty, yet full of magic. Five monks live here, three of them have qualities: each body radiates a different fruit.
One day, Natasha and five year old daughter Gienia visit the monastery. Natasha has a fix old painting talent. Little girl with one of the monks forged friendship. Monk quiet life becomes the girl’s curiosity and unrest.
This is a movie about love, full of sweet and fragrant … … Read More »

Jan Jakub Kolski – Historia kina w Popielawach AKA History of Cinema in Popielawy (1998)

Jan Jakub Kolski has earned himself a strange reputation. His mystical and folklorish films stand apart from the general flow of Central European cinema. Critics have found him to have more in common with the “magic realism” of South American prose than with his fellow Central European film directors. Read More »

Jan Jakub Kolski – Pornografia (2003)


In 1943 Poland was under nazi occupation, but the tragedy of the war seemed far-away from Poworna Estate. Other tragedies instigated by the narrator Witold and mysterious Frederick disrupted the lives of the characters reunited in the isolated estate: the “dangerous relationship” between Henia and Karol, orchestrated by Fredrick; the senseless murder of Amelia, Waclaw’s mother, Henia’s fiance; the sad event involving the partisan commander Siemain, that had to be eliminated because he lost control of his nerves. But punishment soon followed. Read More »