Janusz Morgenstern

  • Janusz Morgenstern – Trzeba zabic te milosc AKA To Kill This Love (1972)

    1971-1980DramaJanusz MorgensternPoland

    Warsaw, the start of the 1970s. Two young people in love, Magda and Andrzej, are struggling not only with financial and housing problems but also with their feelings for each other. Their love is tested when confronted with the cynicism not only of older people but also of Andrzej, who plays according to the brutal rules of a game where nothing but money and connections matters, even though he believes he’s doing it in order to salvage his relationship with Magda.Read More »

  • Janusz Morgenstern – Jowita AKA Jovita (1967)

    Janusz Morgenstern1961-1970ArthouseDramaPoland

    Marek is a promising athlete sharing affairs with more than one women. One day at masquerade ball his loafing eyes witnessed the most beautiful pair of eyes disguised in black veil of Turkish dress and instantly get him ensnared by her enigma. He follows her, she knows it. She meets him and introduced her as Jowita and told him to wait for her outside the gate. The wait ended in frustration for him and he gets himself obsessed in search of her. Finally at another ball, he meets her again but she said she is Agnieszka and not Jowita, who is her best friend. They became friends and lovers but still those eyes of Jowita remain a mystery. Who is Jowita? An unattainable object of desire or unsolved enigma of subconscious?Read More »

  • Janusz Morgenstern – Ambulans AKA The Ambulance (1961)

    Janusz Morgenstern1961-1970DramaPolandShort Film

    “Ambulance” is a less than 10-minute etude with metaphorical overtones. The film opens with Hitler’s off-screen speech about the necessity of destroying the Jewish race. The appeal ends with the image of a group of children waiting in an empty square for their last journey. The title ambulance, which is normally used to save lives, becomes a tool of their extermination.Read More »

  • Janusz Morgenstern – Zólty szalik AKA The Yellow Scarf (2000)

    1991-2000DramaJanusz MorgensternPolandTV

    The Yellow Scarf is a film by Janusz Morgenstern from 2000. Janusz Gajos plays its protaganist, a man fighting with alcoholism, and is proof that television productions do not have to be worse than feature films.

    The protagonist – a middle-aged man at the top of his career – does not have a name, nor a surname; he is a universal character, an everyman that everyone can identify with. On the Christmas Eve he consecutively meets with his employees, his ex-wife, his son and his present partner. His persistently prolonged rambling is meant to postpone the inevitable Christmas visit to his mother.Read More »

  • Janusz Morgenstern – Do widzenia, do jutra aka See You Tomorrow; Good Bye, Till Tomorrow (1960)

    1951-1960ArthouseDramaJanusz MorgensternPoland

    In this routine story within a story from Poland, Jacek (Zbigniew Cybulski) is the head of a troupe of thespians and so he is responsible for getting together the material for them to act out on the stage. One day he meets Marguerite (Teresa Tuszynska), the charming and sophisticated daughter of a French diplomat, and his heart does flips. He longs to be with her but she herself is more sensible. What kind of a life would she have with an actor? His ultimate rejection leaves him ample time to mope around and be miserable. But then, Jacek the actor has to get another story ready for his troupe — and so was this sequence of love lost real — or another play for the troupe to perform?~ Eleanor Mannikka, All Movie GuideRead More »

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