Janusz Nasfeter

  • Janusz Nasfeter – Nie bede cie kochac AKA I Won’t Love You (1974)

    1971-1980DramaJanusz NasfeterPoland

    In an idyllic working class community, 13 year old Anka grows up, going through stages of adolescence, dreaming, first love and gossiping with girlfriends. Roughly disturbed by the shame and disgrace of alcoholism – leaves unwashable stains upon the community, that tries to cope with abuse and depression, and the system (including school teachers) who try to avoid the subject. This story was aimed at parents, to give them morally an insight into what happens when a young girl has to deal with the disgrace of an alcoholic father and a mentally instable mother. Very well acted by Grazyna Michalska as Anka.Read More »

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