Jazmín López

Jazmín López – Si yo fuera el invierno mismo AKA If I Were the Winter Itself (2019)

Four friends meet on a remote estate to create a cinematic re-enactment of three iconic works that embodied the social and artistic revolution of 50 years ago: LA CHINOISE (1967) by Jean-Luc Godard, INEXTINGUISHABLE FIRE (1969) by Harun Farocki and the performance UNTITLED (FACIAL HAIR TRANSPLANTS) (1972) by Ana Mendieta.

A mysterious and soulful exploration of the complexity of mourning and letting go of a love that is lost. Read More »

Jazmín López – Leones KA Lions (2012)

Five young people are involved in a serious car accident that leaves four of them dead. Isabel, the youngest, is the only survivor and helps her four friends realize they have passed on. Read More »