Jean-Charles Fitoussi

  • Jean-Charles Fitoussi – Nocturnes pour le roi de Rome (2005)

    Jean-Charles Fitoussi2001-2010ExperimentalFrance
    Nocturnes pour le roi de Rome (2005)
    Nocturnes pour le roi de Rome (2005)

    Nocturnes pour le roi de Rome is a French film directed in 2005 by Jean-Charles Fitoussi in Rome during the Pocket Film Festival and released on January 6, 2010. This film is the first feature film to have been shot with a cell phone equipped with a camera.

    An old German composer is invited in Roma by the King to compose for him eight Notturni. But the memories of tragic events he used to live there, in the very place he is now coming back, make him unable to write anything.Read More »

  • Jean-Charles Fitoussi – Le Dieu Saturne AKA The God Saturn (2004)

    Jean-Charles Fitoussi2001-2010DramaFranceShort Film
    Le Dieu Saturne (2004)
    Le Dieu Saturne (2004)

    Synopsis (EN) : Laurent comes to visit his father not far from Bethune. But his father, who lives a hermit’s life deep in the woods, has only one thing on his mind: to do away with his six children in order to relieve them of the miseries of life. Welcomed at the Caboche farm where his brother Frederic works (Frederic advises him not to try to see their father), Laurent is delighted to see hardy 81 year old Alfred again. The gods are not far off, and, despite all, the pleasures of existence too.Read More »

  • Jean-Charles Fitoussi – Sicilia! Si gira (2001)

    Jean-Charles Fitoussi2001-2010DocumentaryFrance
    Sicilia! Si gira (2001)
    Sicilia! Si gira (2001)

    The censured novel Conversazione in Sicilia, by Elio Vittorini, published in four episodes in 1918/1939, is the basis for this account of a man returning to Sicily for a visit to his mother. This is a journey of initiation, “a voyage in fourth dimension through his infancy”, he says. Not only to re-live words, people, places, sounds, sensation, and odor of his seven years, but mainly to understand himself. He re-encounters his mother whom he has not seen for 15 years, ever since she left for the North of Italy. Through her, he attempts to glean answers to questions and facts that still trouble his memories, such as the image of his dead father. In this return, he also comes face to face with reality, corruption, and treachery, that differ from his memories as a child with a mother, lost between abstract fury and an awareness of his incapacity to comprehend the human condition.Read More »

  • Jean-Charles Fitoussi – Les jours où je n’existe pas AKA The days when I do not exist (2002)

    Jean-Charles Fitoussi2001-2010ArthouseDramaFrance

    A story that mixes fantasy, philosophy and everyday reality. The problem with Antoine Martin is that he only exists one day out of two. And it is from this circumstance so personal that he meets Clémentine, a girl who lives full time. All this will only deepen his anguish.Read More »

  • Jean-Charles Fitoussi – D’ici là (1997)

    Arthouse1991-2000FranceJean-Charles Fitoussi


    Jean-Charles Fitoussi’s second short movie (rather experimental), before he goes on making his masterpieces.

    Short in seven days, in Rome, with two friends, a 16mm camera and no scenario.

    A cinematic essay about time — an ode to life, however tragic it may be.
    Essai cinématographique sur le temps — et ode à l’existence, pour tragique qu’elle soit.
    Read More »

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